Welcome at e-play-tec!

This website is the result of many years of experience in e-stimulation. It started with curiosity and with a lot of self-experiments. Soon I noticed the various effects of estim depending on intensity and especially the waveform and body contacts. The erotic stimulation was that amazing that I began to research this theme more intensively. Based on my knowledge in professional electronic engineering I constructed my first estim device. This prototype was my companion at several SM-parties and my Ladies and me always had great fun in our sessions.

More and more often, other party guests asked me how that feels and where I have this unit from. But sorry I could never give a hint how to get such an estim device as it was the only one. And most of the other devices that were offered in some shops did not provide the same features that were kicking that way. Not only the power, but even more the variety and the special waveforms made my unit so pleasurable.

Finally I decided to redesign the original prototype and make a real product out of it. Using my experience in constructing Hi-Tech products I started to design an estim device like no other. It should be simply the best and not just another cheap tickling unit. Look here to find out more about the e-play or even better: try it out yourself!