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Isn’t it an exciting idea to call your partner and take control over him or her? Imagine to be called in a supermarket…

If you have connected the mobile and headset to your e-play as shown you can ring you sub and have a telephone conversation as usual. We recommend activating the automatic call acceptance at sub’s mobile to make sure to get connected even if your sub might be bondaged or so. Can you hear it ringing? Although it is not absolutely necessary to use a headset for simultaneous phone conversation, we strongly recommend it to get feedback to your action.

Or think about another way to control your sub: using a webcam will allow you to supervise you sub and take action over the phone if necessary. All you need is a phone to take over the control. Follow your own fantasies what else you can do with the e-play connected to a mobile phone...

But how does it work? Every phone has the 12 keys (0-9 and * , #) just like the remote control of the e-play. And in absolutely the same way it works: call the mobile of your sub and then press the keys you like on your phone. Doing so, you can change the programs or intensity or sending a single shot pulse upon your desire. Hanging up the phone again the EP-1 will continue to run as selected before.