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Isn’t it an amazing idea to take control over your sub by a simple finger tip? The supplied remote control can be used very easy ant the result of sub’s reaction be viewed from a relaxed point anywhere in the room or even from outside dom has full access on his sub.

Not much larger than a matchbox this remote control (8,5cm x 4,5cm x 1,6cm - 56 grams) offers a very good handling. Each key has a direct function and is indicated by a LED. There is no need to care about several menus with different levels or functions. Just enjoy the reaction of your sub upon each fingertip on this remote control.

Of course there is also an "off"-key that immediately shuts down the power on all channels if you might have gone a little to far or wish to have a break.

The program keys "P1 - P4" or "Mic-Audio" always starts up the EP at a zero level and then the intensity can be adjusted in very fine steps using the "+ and -" keys or being powered up. This avoids unwanted shocks due to a power level from a former session. If you want to punish, use the 1x shot key - every dom loves this key: it gives a short but around 30% more intensive punishing pulse to the sub. Quite similar is the 3sec Burst key that gives extra power for a few seconds.

Depending on the environment, the remote control covers a range of up to 100m. There is a unique 64 bit code, different in every e-play unit. This avoids 100% interfering malfunction even if several e-plays are used simultaneously e.g. at a parties. The batteries (2x 1,5V type Lady) of the remote control will provide power for at least one year.

The 433MHz frequency is free to use in Europe and most other countries in the world as long as there is only 10mW power used like the e-play does. The e-play is certified with the CE mark that grants problem free usage and no interfering malfunction with other electronic devices.