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The EP-1 main unit has well shaped plastic case to provide comfortable usage everywhere. For example it can be fixed easily to a belt and doesn’t disturb you in moving. Except the power switch there are no controls at this unit cause everything is remote controlled. Regardless to the slim size there are fitting connectors for the mobile, the headset, a CD player or similar. The electrodes can be attached to the 4mm banana jacks or the 3,5mm walkman sockets. Both channels offer both connectors upon your choice to grant a maximum of flexibility in attaching electrodes.

It’s up to you to be pleased by the very easy usage and/or taking full advantage of the various features. The unique pulse generator allows soft stimulation as well as powerful kicks upon your choice. Using the integrated microphone or the stereo connector the pulse generator will follow to the music. The integrated programs P1-P4 provide a slightly modulated vibration, an amazingly modulated waveform, irregular rhythms or forcing pulses. They can all be adjusted in very fine steps or being powered up to a huge level. Every dom loves the 1x shot key: this gives a short but around 30% more intensive punishing pulse to the sub. Quite similar is the 3sec Burst key that gives extra power for a few seconds.

Using both channels of the e-play you can connect several electrodes to your body or even attach two subs at the same time. But please note that it is not always better the more electrodes are connected. One pair of electrodes at the right places might give the best effect over all.

Then the Mic.-Audio mode: simply press this key on the remote control and the EP-1 will generate pulses following the sound e.g. in a disco. Your sub will dance like never before In a more quiel environment or at home you may take advantage of the stereo socket that gives direct connection to audio sources such as CD or MP3 player. An endless variety of stimulation sequences powered by music gives extraordinary estim feelings. The intensity is depending on the loudness of the music and can of course be adjusted by the + and – keys like all the other programs too.

The operating range of the remote control is about 100m. If this is not enough, the unique control by mobile phone allows you to play over long distances anywhere in the world. You simply call the mobile phone connected to the e-play and take full control over its functions by pressing the keys of your phone. Of course you can talk to your sub through the headset as usual and hear his answers simultaneously. Just a hint: using a webcam will allow to watch your sub’s activities…