Even among BDSM people, estim seems to be widely unknown. What is that? How does it feel? Isn’t it dangerous?

Some people may associate electricity with unwanted shocks from a wall outlet or from an electric fence. Of course these unlucky associations have got absolutely nothing to do with estim! There is a large variety to use estim for pleasurable stimulation as well as for harder BDSM play sessions. Beneath the individual sensibility, the estim device and also the electrodes attached to your body have a great influence how it feels.

The effect can be phenomenal. It is a stimulating erotic option which you don’t want to miss once you have enjoyed it. A lower intensity with a smoothly changing frequency feels like a vibrator while irregular modulations will play with your muscles.

Stronger pulses can punish you like a whip – and is a joy for most dominant persons. This enormous bandwidth of possibilities can easily be achieved by adjusting the estim unit. Take control over your partner or be electrified by him or her. A combination with bondage, mummification or similar may improve this sensational feeling. Stay horny for hours or get released within a few minutes – estim allows your partner to fully control your sexual wishes.

It mainly depends on the estim device if the feeling is tickling, stimulating, punishing, hurting or only boring. Some TENS units that were originally designed for medical purposes or muscle training repeat their pulses all the time in the same way or don’t have enough power for real sensations. This may result in a more or less boring effect because you will get used to it after a short while.

Some other electric shockers are not really pleasurable. They can only punish or even hurt the bottom.

My intension was the joy of estim by offering exciting variations in BDSM play sessions or stimulating purposes. The result is the e-play with many different programs for stimulation or punishing upon the choice of the person which has the remote control. Pimp up your sex life by simple fingertips. It works!